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We will service the equipment under the contract period during our normal working hours. We can provide special services, if required at extra charges.

I) Labour Contract

We shall check and service all the equipment four times in a year.

Each service shall consist of:

  • Checking general functioning of all the equipment like packaged / split / chiller units, controls, air handling units, pumps and cooling towers.
  • Cleaning of cooling tower sumps, spray nozzles, evaporator and condenser coil, pre filters and water strainers, if required.
  • Checking and adjusting belt tension/alignment of all drivers, tightening of bolts, etc.
  • Lubricating of pumps, motors and fans and checking oil levels in equipment like Compressor, motors starters and gear boxes; wherever applicable.
  • Inspection/adjusting refrigerant controls.

We shall attend to minor breakdown calls, as and when called upon by you. This contract will not include overhauling, descaling of condensers, attending to major breakdowns, supply of spares, material, belts, filters, refrigerant gas and oil. We shall charge such works/supplies extra after getting your approval of our estimate in this respect.
(Bimonthly and; monthly service can be provided at extra charges).

II) Risk Protection Contract

In addition to the services listed above, the contract will also offer the following:

  • Free replacement of defective/worn out parts with new or serviceable parts based on our assessment.
  • Contract includes free replacement of compressor during the contract period.
  • Free repairing of equipment at site/service station as and when necessary.
  • Free descaling of condensers, chemical cleaning of evaporator coils, replacement of pre-filters, only once; if required during the contract period of not less than twelve months.
  • Free replacement of consumable like V belts.
  • Painting of our equipment installed in plant room and air handling units (in MS/CRCA construction) after every three year.

Other Terms and Conditions:

Power Supply

  • We take responsibility of performance of the system or product only if the voltage range is between 210 V to 230 V for single phase and 400V to 440 V for three phase power supply. The AC frequency range will be between 49.5 Hz to 50.5 Hz. Not withstanding this, specific instructions in the equipment manual will be the guiding/ limiting values.

Abnormal Usage / Misuse / Unauthorised Attendance

  • Misuse or usage of equipment other than what the system or product is originally designed for.
  • Contract will be null and void if the unit is tampered or repaired by anyone other than our authorized representative, at anytime.
  • Danger to life and usage of equipment close to direct or indirect heat sources, acidic fumes, reactive chemicals and powders and non ventilated areas. Under this circumstance, there will be no refund of money for the balance duration of the contract.
  • Atmospheric conditions or hard/contaminated water causing rusting, corrosion or scaling.

Taxes And Duties

  • The customer will pay whatsoever, any fresh levies or increase in taxes/ levies/ rates imposed by State or Central government or local authority on components/ raw material or installation or service as a whole after the date of offer and during the contract, for any reason.

Change In Ownership / Location

  • This contract is non-transferable; we reserve the right to terminate the contract in case of change of ownership or location of equipment. We will refund the contract fee for the unexpired period.

Limitation To Liability / Force Majeure

  • In no event shall we be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising out of or connected with this contract in any way, whatsoever.
  • We will not be liable for damage or destruction of any part or parts of the equipment that may occur during the process of handling; unless it is proved that, the same was owing to any wrongful act or negligence on the part of our service personnel.
  • No liability shall be attached to us for non-performance or delayed execution of this contract as a result of force majeure.


  • All disputes and differences arising out of, or connected with the contract, failing amicable settlement, shall be referred to arbitration, one to be appointed by each part. The arbitrators shall appoint an umpire before proceeding with arbitration under the Arbitration act 1940 or any modification thereafter, for the time being in force. Arbitration shall take place in the city from which this offer is issued.


  • This offer is valid for one month from its date of issue.

Terms Of Payment

  • Full payment in advance shall stand to be paid in all cases, within the validity of the offer.

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