Blue Star
Multi Inverter Split AC

R410A DC Multi Inverter


A typical residence of two bedrooms and a living room, requires 4.5TR (3 x 1.5TR) of airconditioning. However, only two rooms are occupied at most points of time. Traditionally this means installation of three ODUs and three IDUs, each of 1.5TR capacity, occupying more ODU space resulting in clutter and spoiling the facade.

With Multi Inverter Split AC, you need to install only one ODU that drives up to three 1.5TR IDUs. The system feeds the two working IDUs at most points of time, thus optimising use of capacity and saving both investment and running costs. It is also designed to ramp up the capacity and maintain comfortable indoor conditions in all three rooms if all three IDUs are switched on at the same time on rare occasions. This makes it ideal for large villas, big row houses and other multi-room applications.

Moreover, the refrigerant used is the eco-friendly R410A which minimises the emission of Ozone Depleting Substances.

R410A DC
  • I Feel

    I Feel

    Blow Button

    Blow Button

    Inverter Rotary Compressor

    Inverter Rotary

    Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator

    Hydrophilic Blue
    Fins Evaporator

    Multi-Fan Speed

    Multi-Fan Speed

  • Long Distance Piping Flexibility

    Long Distance
    Piping Flexibility

    Sleep Mode

    Sleep Mode

    Cleanable Panel

    Cleanable Panel

    Fixed and Swing Louvres

    Fixed and Swing

    Compressor Jacket

    Compressor Jacket

  • Anti corrosive Blue Fin Condenser

    Blue Fin Condenser

    Anti-Freeze Thermostat


    Elegant Remote Control

    Elegant Remote

    Wide Angle Airflow

    Wide Angle

    Display Panel

    Display Panel

  • Auto Mode

    Auto Mode

    Dry Mode

    Dry Mode

    Air Flow Direction Control

    Air Flow
    Direction Control

    Self Diagnosis

    Self Diagnosis

    Powder-Coated Outer Body

    Outer Body

  • Turbo Operation

    Turbo Operation

    On/Off Timer

    On/Off Timer

    Heat Mode

    Heat Mode

    Auto Defrosting Function

    Auto Defrosting

    Eco-friendly R410A Refrigerant

    Eco-friendly R410A

  • Anti-Cool Wind Function

    Wind Function

    Metal Enclosure for PCB board

    Metal Enclosure
    for PCB board

    Auto Restart with Memory Backup

    Auto Restart with
    Memory Backup

    Auto Restart with Memory Backup

    Electronic Expansion

'I Feel' is an advanced feature designed for your perfect comfort. Other Airconditioners have only one temperature sensor on the indoor unit which senses the temperature around the unit and not necessarily near the user, leading to discomfort for the user, especially in larger rooms. Blue Star's 'I Feel' feature incorporates two temperature sensors, one on the unit and the other on the remote handset. In a large room, you may choose to enable the feature on the remote. The remote, when placed next to you, will then sense the temperature around you and control the airconditioner for your perfect comfort.

In this mode, the indoor blower in a Blue Star AC runs for 10* minutes even after the airconditioner is switched off. This helps keep the indoor coil dry and prevents dust or mold accumulation. Also, the growth of bacteria in the indoor coil due to moisture is reduced significantly.
*30 mins in R410A 5 Star D

Every Blue Star AC uses a highly energy efficient rotary compressor with a built-in accumulator. This compressor is specially designed to deliver maximum cooling while using low power and helps you save on your power bills.

Since the Evaporator (indoor coil) has a low temperature, it might result in water condensation. This results in accumulation of dust particles, thereby affecting the performance of the AC. The hydrophicity in the evaporator fins doesn't allow water condensate to accumulate. This reduces the accumulation of dust particles and improves the cooling performance of the AC.

All Blue Star ACs offer Multi-Fan Speed options to suit your comfort level. The Window ACs come with Three Speed Fan Cooling whereas the Split ACs come with Four Speed Fan Cooling (Low/Medium/High/Auto) that lets you adjust the Fan Speed.

Long Distance Piping Flexibility allows the outdoor unit to be placed far from the indoor unit. This adds to convenience and facilitates easy installation of the ACs.

Sleep Mode is an intelligent feature that ensures a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The user sets a particular temperature before sleeping. In the Sleep Mode, this user-set temperature increases for a short period of time. So even if the temperature outside dips later in the night, the user is comfortable and doesn’t feel too cold. The Sleep Mode helps save energy and also adds to the comfort of the user.

The front panel of the indoor unit can be easily detached for periodic cleaning. This helps in the maintenance of the AC.

Fixed and Swing Louvres help the user adjust the swing or even stop it at a particular angle. This adds to the user's comfort by letting him manage the air flow to suit his needs.

An acoustic jacket is provided with the compressors of R410A DC Inverter, R410A DC Multi-Inverter and 5 Star Z Hi Wall Split ACs. This jacket eliminates noise and makes the ODU quieter.

Special Anti-Corrosive Blue Fins are used in the copper condenser to resist its corrosion, thus increasing the AC's life.

If the unit is running in the Cool Mode and is set at a very low temperature, frost is formed on the heat exchanger. The Anti-Freeze Thermostat on the Indoor Coil acts as a safety feature and stops the compressor, thus protecting the unit.

Blue Star ACs come with modern-looking, easy-to-use remotes that are packed with features.

The Wide Angle Louvres ensure that cool air is distributed evenly across the room and that it reaches every corner.

All Split ACs come with an advanced digital display on the indoor unit that helps indicate the mode of operation of the AC.

The unit will automatically select the suitable running method according to the room temperature, making the room comfortable. This can be set while in Cooling Mode.

The Dry Mode is useful, especially during monsoon when the room feels humid and clammy. This feature helps remove the moisture from the air rapidly.

This feature controls the swing angle of the Horizontal Louvre. It allows the user to change the air flow direction to avoid direct draft of cold air.

In case of faulty conditions, the ACs show error codes. This ensures proper care and protects the ACs from any damage.

Blue Star outdoor units have been built keeping in mind the harsh Indian climatic conditions. The metal bodies of the units use galvanised steel and are coated with polyester powder paint. This protects them from rusting and increases their life significantly.

In this mode, the AC switches to High/Turbo Fan Speed to help reach the pre-set temperature in the shortest time possible.

This feature adds to your convenience as you can set the timer for On or Off as per requirement.

The Heat Pump in the Inverter AC has several advantages. Because of Inverter Technology, you will save on more than 30% of power consumed even in the Heat Mode. There is no heating filament here since the same airconditioning cycle is being used in the Heat Mode. There is no carbon residue, thereby eliminating any risks of low oxygen level or suffocation.

When the ambient temperature becomes very low, frost formation takes place in the outdoor unit. This hampers the heating effect. The Auto Defrosting Function will stop the fan motors of the indoor and outdoor unit, thereby halting the Heating Mode to protect the AC.

The Inverter AC uses the latest environment friendly refrigerant, R410A, that has almost nil Ozone Depleting Substance and Polyolester (POE) oil which has better oil return properties, better heat transfer characteristics, better lubrication ability and is also wax free.

When the Heat Mode is on and the Indoor Heat Exchanger doesn't arrive at set temperature the indoor fan will not act, thereby preventing cool wind from blowing.

Covers the PCB board and prevents any overheating of electrical components.

This feature is very useful in case of a power cut. Thanks to this feature, the airconditioner restarts at the previous setting automatically when the power resumes.

Unlike the Capillary, which allows free flow of refrigerant, the EEV controls the flow of refrigerant according to the load. It has numerous settings for the refrigerant flow. This helps in improving efficiency.

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