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Blue Star's floor-mounted packaged units come in both air-cooled and water-cooled models, with reciprocating, scroll or tandem scroll options.

Their multi-circuit design allows part load operation and provides automatic back-up in case of one circuit failure, thereby increasing efficiency as well as reliability. The packaged AC is installed in a plant room designated for the purpose, which does away with the need to provide trap doors in the ceiling. Service access also becomes very easy. The compressor is located inside the packaged AC. It is suction gas-cooled and the unit itself remains in the return air path resulting in extended life, increased efficiency and reduced power consumption.

Packaged Acs With Scroll Compressor
Capacity: 5.5 TR to 22 TR
Packaged Acs With Tandem Scroll Compressor
Capacity: 11 TR to 16.5 TR