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Careers @ Blue Star
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Since engineering and technical expertise are at the heart of the Blue Star value proposition, engineers constitute the bulk of Blue Starís recruitment. Consequently, engineers (graduate as well as diploma) can find technically satisfying and well paying jobs in the following areas of Blue Star:


Air conditioning Projects Division:

Mechanical engineers are deployed in 3 different disciplines i.e. Sales, Design & Engineering and Construction. Blue Star also entered the commercial building electricals business since 2008. Consequently, electrical engineers (graduate and diploma) can also find careers in the Electrical Projects


Blue Star manufactures a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment at its five factories. Here, careers can be made in R & D, Production, Production Planning, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality and Reliability and Procurement. Graduates as well as post graduates in mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering can find rewarding careers in Blue Starís manufacturing group.

Air conditioning & Refrigeration Service Division:

Here again, engineers constitute the bulk of recruitment. Careers can be made broadly in 3 disciplines viz. Service Marketing, Service Delivery and Service Specialistsí Group.

Channel Businesses:

Packaged air conditioners, room air conditioners, refrigeration products and cold storages are mostly executed through licensed channel partners. Consequently, engineers as well as MBAs with an aptitude for marketing can develop satisfying careers in any of the channel businesses.

Management Services:

Like in all large corporates, the Company has well structured management service departments such as Procurement & Logistics, Finance and Accounts and Human Resources. Blue Star looks for talented professionals with appropriate qualifications for these departments.

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