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Water Management Services

At Blue Star, we have a range of products to offer in the Water Management Services space.

Chemical-free Water Treatment Solutions for Chillers & Water Piping Systems (BacComber):

Water quality affects equipment and piping, causing scaling, corrosion, bacteria, algae and slime. These reduce the performance and life of the equipment and also increase the cost of maintenance. Traditionally, organisations use harsh chemicals for treating water in cooling towers. However again, these are ineffective, corrosive and environmentally unfriendly.

Blue Star, in association with Ecospec, Singapore has introduced the revolutionary BacComber water treatment systems. These are environment friendly, save water and enhance the life of the equipment. Using electromagnetic waves, these systems not only decrease scale formation but also remove existing scale and arrest the multiplication of bacteria by altering their DNA.

There are three basic components in the BacComber system:

  • Electromagnetic Descaler
  • Electromagnetic Magnetite Generator
  • Copper-Silver Ionisation Unit

Most large organisations across the world are switching to these environment-friendly and cost-efficient methods to ensure thorough cleaning of their cooling towers.

Automatic Tube Cleaning System for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (ECOMax-HE)

ECOMax-HE will eliminate the problem of sediment accumulating in a central cooling system. This is a fully automated, hydro mechanical, reliable system with no moving parts, which keeps condensers absolutely and constantly clean. The system recycles sponge balls through the condenser tubes at programmable intervals. These sponge balls collect all sediment from the tubes' inner surfaces without causing any disturbance to the water flow and pressures.

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