About Us

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Ltd (Blue Star E&E) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Star Ltd (www.bluestarindia.com), a USD 500 million engineering conglomerate headquartered in India. Blue Star E&E offers advanced technology products as well as turnkey engineering solutions that cater to several industries in the country. It is the exclusive distributor in India for many globally renowned manufacturers of hi-tech professional electronics equipment and services, as well as industrial products and systems.

This business was earlier part of Blue Star’s Professional Electronics & Industrial Systems Group and has been in existence for over six decades. Over the years, it changed its business model from being only a distributor of leading global manufacturers to that of a system integrator and value-added reseller, thereby moving up the value chain. Since an independent entity along with specialised resources would have enabled it to exploit its full potential, the parent company Blue Star Ltd took a decision to transfer the business to a separate wholly owned subsidiary from April 1, 2015.

Blue Star E&E consists of two strategic business divisions namely, Industrial Systems Division and Professional Electronics Division:

The Industrial Systems Division comprises the following lines of business:

  • Industrial Products & Systems: Offers products and solutions in material handling and automation, process equipment, pumping as well as process control valves and instrumentation
  • Non-Destructive Testing: This includes products and solutions such as ultrasonic inspection, X-ray inspection, Eddy current inspection, visual inspection, digital radiography, high-speed cameras, 3D laser scanners and magnetic particle inspection
  • Testing Machines: Comprises comprehensive products and solutions such as universal testing machines, hardness testers, impact testers, dynamic fatigue testing machines, dynamic balancing machines and environmental chambers, amongst several others

The Professional Electronics Division consists of the following lines of business:

  • Data Communications: Comprises products and solutions in the areas of transaction security, video surveillance, PKI applications, ID and authentication, key management, wireless data and integrated building management, to name a few
  • Test & Measuring Instruments: This includes products and solutions in Avionics, RF and microwave, RF over fibre, oscillographic recorders and cable and satellite test equipment
  • Healthcare Systems: Offers several products in radiology and critical care such as MRI/CT/Ultrasound systems, patient monitoring systems and ECG machines. It also caters to the pharmaceutical industry with solutions in bone densitometry, Raman spectroscopy and particle sizing

The value addition in each of these individual businesses lies in the precise need identification, solution configuration, pre-installation support, installation and commissioning as well as reliable after-sales service. Blue Star Engineering & Electronics draws heavily from the strengths of Blue Star such as the sound financial health of operations, nation-wide network of offices, a solid value system and cohesive organisational culture.