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DAQ - 32 Channels

DAQ - 32 Channels

Blue Star E&E is the exclusive distributor of A&D Company products in India.

The RA 2800A offers:

  • Direct sensor inputs up to 32 channels (16 slots)
  • 16 digital inputs for measuring various timing signals
  • 12.1" TFT colour LCD display for better visibility of measured data
  • Easy selection from five measurement modes
    • Pen Recorder mode for real time strip chart recording
    • HD Recorder mode for long-term recording of data to a HDD
    • X-Y Recorder mode for displaying/recording X-Y correlation of two signals
    • Multi Recorder mode captures transients while recording steady-state signals
    • Memory Recorder mode for recording fast events
  • Easy operation like a pen recorder by the touch panel and virtual amp controls
  • High-speed and high-quality printout at max 50mm/sec at 10ms sampling on 32 channels
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