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Handheld DAQ System

Blue Star E&E is the exclusive distributor of A&D Company products in India.

The Compact RM1100 Portable Data Recorder provides reliable data collection in challenging environments. A large 7" wide, TFT LCD colour touch-screen display and refined GUI are ideal for quick Setup, Data Capture and Playback. Coupled with "Real Time", "Memory" and "SD Card" recording modes, plus up to 1┬Ás sampling rate, the RM1100 handles the most demanding high speed applications. Recording to SD Card or PC via Ethernet ensures long-duration continuous recording. Waveform printing is available with optional thermal printer. This AC or battery-operated recorder with rugged casing satisfies different requirements for Predictive Maintenance, Quality Control, R&D, Automobile Driving Test and Remote-Controlled Data Acquisition.

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