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AN/USM-708 Ramp Test Set

AN/USM-708 Ramp Test Set

The AN/USM-708 is the next generation in ground support test equipment.

Designed by an established and well-recognised company with 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of aviation ground support and bench test equipment, the AN/USM-708 Multi-Function Test Set provides unsurpassed reliability and ruggedness.

The AN/USM-708's large 6" colour LCD (NVG-compatible) screen and surrounding soft-keys and keyboard provide easy and quick access to all the test screen menus and display options, affording single man operation, instant results, and a host of pre-programmed and manually variable parameters to meet the most demanding requirements for testing of airborne avionic and communication equipment.

Based on an up-to-date technology and digital architecture, the AN/USM-708 is a leap forward in precision testing of the following systems:


  • Transponder: Modes 1, 2, 3/A, C, 4 Mode S, EHS (Enhanced Surveillance) and Mode 5
  • Interrogator: Modes 1, 2, 3/A, C, 4, Mode S, Mode 5, TCAS & ETCAS, Shipboard Processor
  • ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) TX & RX
  • Navigation: VOR, ILS, LOC, GS, MB, TACAN, VSWR
  • Sonobuoy
  • Link-4
  • ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)
  • Over-the-Air and Direct Connect methods
  • Rugged and durable MIL-PRF-28800F, Class 1 package
  • Remote Firmware upgrades via the internet/CD-Rom
  • Extensive built-in diagnostics
  • Expandable capabilities (HAVEQUICK, Link-11, 16, 22 , SINCGARS and communications planned)
  • Mode 4 and Mode 5 U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) AIMS International Program Office approved
  • Utilises KIV-78 appliqué for Mode 5 Interrogator and Transponder tests (not included)
  • Ideally suited for any temperature or region due to its self-calibrating software
  • Built-in battery charger and three front-panel replaceable lithium ion batteries (included)
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