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Delay Line Systems

Fixed and Variable Delay Line solutions

The company offers fibre optic delay lines with superior performance and provides highly-accurate, repeatable and adjustable electrical time delays. These are available in a variety of ruggedised form-factors and delay lengths of greater than 2,000 µs are available. These fibre optic delay lines eliminate many of the problems that are inherent in alternative transceiver technologies with bandwidth that is essentially independent of fibre length, loss or delay. Frequency range, delay length, and link performance requirements can be tailored over a wide range of performance levels to meet specific requirements of fixed and variable delays.

Delay lines provide bandwidth that is essentially independent of fibre length, losses or delays, and triple transit signals that are immeasurable. They are ideal for applications such as radar system testing, phased array antenna systems, signal processing, and electronic warfare systems. This fibre delay line technology takes advantage of the rigid yet flexible properties of fibre optic cable. It provides repeatable enhanced phase and group delay characteristics.

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