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RF over Fiber

RF Transmitter & Receiver Modules

RF Transmitter & Receiver Modules

Transmitter and Receivers 100 KHz to 40 GHz

RF & Microwave Fibre Optic Transport System - 1 MHz to 40 GHz: A range of SNMP managed fibre optic transmitters, receivers, optical amplifiers, RF and optical switches and passive devices, video, audio, data and ethernet products that provide high-performance fibre optic transmission from 1 MHz to 40 GHz.

3 GHz Wideband Fibre Optic Link for IF, L-Band & S-Band Transport

The Wideband Fibre Optic Link is optimised to perform in the 50 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range providing transparent IF, L- and S-Band signal transport for satellite antenna and interfacility link applications.

Microwave Band 50 MHz to 40 GHz Fibre Optic Links

Unamplified or Amplified Microwave Band Fibre Optic Links are a family of SNMP managed fibre optic transmitters and receivers that provide high-performance 50 MHz to 40 GHz transport within the modular platform.

Satcom C, X, DBS, Ku, Ka-Band Fibre Optic Links

The Satcom Band Fibre Optic Links are a family of SNMP managed fibre optic transmitters and receivers that provide high-performance downlink and uplink transport within the modular platform.

10 MHz/L-Band Fibre Optic Link

10 MHz/L-Band Fibre Optic Links are optimised to provide transparent, simultaneous 10 MHz and L-Band signal transport for VSAT antenna applications.

Reference Oscillator Links

Reference Oscillator Links are optimised for 1, 5, 10 and 100 MHz high-level reference signal input. Each unit comes with a 15 dB adjustable gain range capability to provide ideal level match for signal distribution.

IRIG B000/1 PPS Link

IRIG B000/1 PPS fibre intra-facility links provides for simultaneous transmission of IRIG-B000 and 1 PPS, or one signal each, over fibre. These high-performance links feature low jitter and excellent rise and fall times.

FOL Series 3 & 6 GHz Fibre Optic Links

The 3 GHz and 6 GHz Fibre Optic Links for wireless signals are cost-effective, high-performance broadband transmitter, receiver, and transceiver modules designed for wireless interfacility link applications. Each module comes with optimal optical power stability with assured performance over the whole temperature range. The 'transmit' and 'receive' alarm/indicator LEDs simplify installation and provide operational status. Each module is packaged in a rugged cast metal housing. Optional 50 Ohm SMA or 50/75 Ohm BNC connectors are available for versatile interface applications.

FOB Series

3 GHz RF fibre optic link PCB module series is designed to accept single RF input and transport to single RF output over a fibre optic link. This cost-effective, high-performance RF broadband transport link is ideal for integration into wireless or other wideband RF transmission equipment.

The compact modules are equipped with local (LED indicator) and remote (12-pin onboard micro connector) alarms to monitor the module, laser, photodiode, RF and optical level status. RF gain can be adjusted locally with a push button, remotely with 12-pin micro connector, or automatically with automatic gain control (AGC).

Each compact transmitter or receiver PCB module is designed with a miniature 50 Ohm SMA or SMB connector. A built-in RF shield minimises EMI/RF interference and SC/APC or FC/APC fibre pigtail facilitates module assembly, interface, and integration to the RF transmission equipment.

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