Data Security Solutions

Blue Star E&E offers a single data security solution to protect your important data across servers, covering data centres, the Cloud, big data and container environments.


  • Operational Simplicity: Offers centralised policy and key administration to guarantee control of data present across all servers (physical and virtual) both on and off your premises
  • Risk Minimisation: Assists in meeting compliance requirements and best practices to secure data from malicious attacks, both external and internal, with data encryption that is demonstrably superior and scalable
  • Security Agility: Helps comply with new data security mandates and requirements through a single ready solution that can encrypt everything
  • Database Security: Allows for encryption and control of data, with privileged client access and gathers security intelligence logs across a heterogeneous collection of databases and big data environments
  • Compliance: Incorporates encryption, access controls, logs, FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria compliant key management and strong administration policies in order to successfully fulfil compliance mandates and regulation requirements
  • Cloud Security: Moves data to the cloud and hosted environments with an assurance of data safety and security through encryption and key management

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