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Live Data Transformation Extension

Data-at-rest encryption can introduce challenges when transforming clear-text to cypher-text, or when rekeying data that has already been encrypted. Traditionally, these operations needed planned downtime, or they required labour-intensive data cloning and synchronisation efforts. Vormetric Transparent Encryption Live Data Transformation eliminates these obstacles, enabling encrypt and rekey with unprecedented uptime and efficiency.


  • Improve Security and Data Availability: Encryption and rekeying of data without taking applications offline to allow for deployment of data security controls to applications, leading to business continuity and availability
  • Zero-Downtime Encryption Deployments: Encryption of data without downtime, allowing users and applications to interact with databases and file systems normally
  • Reduce Operational Costs of Encryption: Security from critical applications being taken offline for initial data encryption and encryption maintenance, thus nullifying substantial operational costs
  • Ease Compliance Overhead: Maintenance of standards by allowing applications and users to work normally during rekeying operations even though compliance guidelines mandate changing encryption keys periodically.
  • Versioned Backups and Archives: Efficient backup and archive recovery enabling more immediate access, thanks to key versioning management
  • Seamless Key Rotation: Performance of key rotation without duplicating data or taking associated applications offline, allowing you to follow best security practices and regulations
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