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Security Intelligence Logs

Detailed data access audit logs provided by the Vormetric platform help with data compliance requirements and detection of unauthorised access attempts. With pre-built integration to leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, Vormetric Security Intelligence makes the information garnered from these systems actionable. This solution helps identify and respond to unauthorised access attempts, also helps collect the data necessary to build behavioural patterns needed for detecting unauthorised and suspicious activity by non-privileged users.


  • Speed Up Response: Leveraging immediate alerts to fuel the fastest, most efficient response
  • Boost Visibility: Auditable trail of permitted and denied access attempts from users and processes
  • Strengthen Data Security: Identification of anomalous processes and user access patterns pointing to attacks or malicious activity
  • Pre-built SIEM Integrations: Pre-built integration to leading SIEM systems, making logs actionable; immediate highlighting of unauthorised access attempts through available dashboards 
  • Granular, Actionable Security Intelligence: Detailed logs to specify when users and processes accessed data, under which policies, and if access requests were allowed or denied
  • Streamlined Compliance and Auditing Reporting: Detailed visibility and integration capabilities to streamline the effort associated with audits and ongoing compliance reporting
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