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Vormetric Application Encryption

The Vormetric Application Encryption enables you to encrypt specific files or columns in databases, big data nodes, and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environments. This solution contains a set of documented, standards-based APIs that can be utilised to perform cryptographic and key management operations. The Vormetric Application Encryption solution removes the time, complexity, and risk of developing and implementing an in-house encryption and key management solution.


  • Streamline Encryption Implementations: Simplify the process of adding encryption to applications.
  • Secure Cloud and Big Data Environments: Encrypt particular fields at the application layer, securing sensitive data before storing in database, big data, or cloud environments.
  • Establish Strong Controls: Achieve controls to prevent malicious DBAs, cloud administrators, hackers, and authorities with subpoenas from gaining unauthorized access to valuable data.
  • Centralised Key and Policy Management: Vormetric Application Encryption allows centralised control of application-layer encryption and file system encryption.
  • Flexible Implementation Options: The application encryption solution enables developers to utilise NIST standard solutions for both Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and format preserving encryption (FPE), which enables organisations to implement encryption without changing the database schema.
  • Scalable Batch Data Transformation Utility: Vormetric Application Encryption customers can also order the Batch Data Transformation utility from Thales e-Security to enable your organisation to encrypt large data sets without lengthy maintenance windows and downtime.
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