Data Security Solutions


Data in  motion encryption hardware

Data in motion encryption hardware

Thales e-Security delivers data-in-motion encryption hardware that enables organisations to establish secure, affordable, and high-performance connectivity.

Datacryptor 5000 Series

The network data encryption solutions offer robust security, low latency and high performance in Layer 2 and IP networks.


  • Gain Stronger Safety: Using high assurance encryption methods and state-of-the-art key management techniques, the Datacryptor 5000 offers maximum protection of sensitive transmissions and assets.
  • Maximise Performance: These hardware encryption solutions provide high performance and significantly lower latency than software encryption capabilities embedded in common network devices, such as switches and routers.
  • Ensure Compliance: Leverage the most cost-effective data transport medium available, while also meeting or exceeding business and regulatory requirements for data privacy and confidentiality.
  • Deployment Flexibility: Choose from a range of Datacryptor models to suit your network protocol, speed, certification, and customisation requirements. These solutions can operate in point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, and multipoint mesh architectures.
  • Strong Safeguards: Datacryptor systems are designed exclusively to protect data in motion for business-critical applications. The solution features traffic flow security capabilities that completely mask traffic patterns to prevent surreptitious traffic analysis.
  • Maximum Bandwidth Efficiency: Datacryptors offer full data in motion security at 98% bandwidth efficiency. Each Datacryptor 5000 device can simultaneously perform encryption and key management functions, providing redundant and backup key servers at no additional cost.
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