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nShield Connect

nShield Connect

nShield Connect HSMs are certified hardware security appliances that deliver cryptographic services to a variety of applications across the network. These hardened, tamper-resistant modules perform such functions as encryption, digital signing, and key generation and protection. These HSMs can support a wide range of applications, including certificate authorities, code signing and more.

The nShield Connect series includes nShield Connect+ and the new, high-performance nShield Connect XC, which offers superior asymmetric and symmetric performance and best-in-class elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) transaction rates.


  • Highly flexible architecture: nShield Connect HSMs integrate with the unique Security World architecture from Entrust which enables customers to combine different nShield HSM models to build a unified ecosystem that provides scalability, seamless failover and load balancing.
  • Process more data faster: nShield Connect HSMs offer some of the highest cryptographic transaction rates in the industry, making them the best choice for enterprise, retail, IoT and other environments where throughput is critical. The nShield Connect XC offers our highest transaction performance rates.
  • Protect your proprietary applications and data: nShield Connect HSMs not only secure your sensitive keys and data, they also offer a secure environment for deploying sensitive applications. The CodeSafe option lets you execute codes within nShield boundaries, securing your applications and the data they process.
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