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Designed specially to address the needs of the payment industry, payShield HSMs are proven solutions that offer capabilities for issuing credentials, processing transactions and managing keys. They support payment applications for contact chip, contactless chip and mobile secure elements. These HSMs enable you to address the evolving standards from EMVCo, PCI SSC, GlobalPlatform and Multos International.


  • Use Proven Solutions: Thales e-Security payment HSMs are the most widely used in the world, used in an estimated 80 percent of payment card transactions.
  • Decrease Operating Expenses: Make use of solutions that enable centralised, streamlined administration of distributed HSM deployments.
  • Build Robust Security: Deploy tamper-resistant security modules to generate and store keys.
  • Purpose-built for Payments: Deploy a suite of solutions designed specifically for card issuing, mobile provisioning and payment processing.
  • Comprehensive Use Case Support: Provides support for all major payment industry standards and applications, including contact chip, contactless chip and mobile.
  • Efficient, Remote Management: Streamline administration, even across deployments with multiple locations and large numbers of HSMs.


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Payment HSMs

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