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    payShield 10K

    payShield 10K

    payShield 10K, the fifth generation of payment HSMs from Thales, delivers a suite of payment security functionality proven in critical environments including transaction processing, sensitive data protection, payment credential issuing, mobile card acceptance and payment tokenization. Like its predecessors over the past 30+ years, payShield 10K can be used throughout the global payment ecosystem by issuers, service providers, acquirers, processors and payment networks.


    • Simplify Deployment: These HSMs are capable of being securely configured, managed and monitored remotely from locations of convenience to reduce your costs and simplify your ongoing operations.
    • Maximize Resilience: Equipped with dual hot-swappable power supplies and fans, our latest HSMs significantly increase the mean time between failure (MTBF) and simplify field maintenance.
    • Leverage Proven Integrations: These payment HSMs are the most widely deployed in the world and are supported by the largest number of payment application providers.
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