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Tokenisation and Data Masking

Tokenisation and Data Masking

Vormetric Vaultless Tokenisation with Dynamic Data Masking significantly decreases the cost and effort needed to comply with security policies and regulatory mandates like PCI DSS. This solution offers the capability to execute database tokenisation and dynamic display security. Using this Vormetric system, you can successfully safeguard your sensitive assets regardless of whether they reside in data centres, big data centres, containers, public or private cloud environments.


  • Efficiently Reduce Compliance Scope: Elimination of cardholder data from PCI DSS scope with minimal cost and effort, ensuring easy compliance with industry standards
  • Encourage Innovation Without Introducing Risk: Tokenisation of data to maintain control over compliance even when moving to the cloud, big data, and outsourced environments
  • Scale Globally: Easy-to-manage solution that is affordable to scale, allowing for easy global deployment of the solution without issues of token synchronisation, performance or uncontrolled costs
  • Dynamic Data Masking: Option for administrators to set up policies to return an entire field tokenised, or dynamically mask parts of a field to different users based on their role
  • Non-Disruptive Implementation: Format-preserving tokenisation abilities, allowing you to restrict access to sensitive assets without altering existing database schema
  • Optional Batch Data Transformation: Batch Data Transformation utility from Thales e-Security to tokenise large volumes of sensitive records without lengthy maintenance windows and downtime


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