Code Signing

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics can help you implement efficient, high-assurance code signing solutions that safeguard your business and your customers from attacks that forge or modify applications.


  • To build trust into business applications in an increasingly threatening environment
  • To undertake integrity validation in the landscape of virtualisation and cloud computing
  • To safeguard business logic running on increasingly proliferating mobile devices


  • Code Signing Solution: Blue Star Engineering & Electronics' comprehensive Code Signing Solution, designed to suit software vendors of all sizes and for enterprises that develop their own code, enabling you to implement high-assurance, high-efficiency code signing processes to protect your software and bring proper governance to your software publishing practices.
  • Strong Hardware-Based Key Protection: The company's hardware security modules provide tamper-resistant, certified protection for private code signing keys and a secure platform to execute critical digital signature processes.


  • Protecting your company, partners and users from the potential risks associated with software tampering
  • Implementing a secure code signing process appropriate to your organisation's size and scope
  • Maximising security with a tamper-resistant, hardware-based solution
  • Simplifying and streamlining the code signing process using workflow automation capabilities

Required Products:

  • General Purpose HSMs



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