Digital Signatures

As an application of public key cryptography, digital signatures can be used for a variety of use cases, like a citizen filing an online tax returns, a procurement officer executing a contract with a vendor, an electronic invoice or a software developer publishing updated codes.


  • To use effective digital signing solutions to gain efficiency and cost reductions in the place of manual processes
  • To keep pace with the constantly evolving legally accepted standards for digital signatures


  • High-Assurance Digital Signing Solutions: The company's products and services enable you to create high-assurance digital signing processes, giving the flexibility to automate, integrate and host critical business processes.
  • Safeguard Digital Signing Processes: Thales' proven, certified Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that meet the highest security standards come with the capacity and performance you need. In addition, the company's time stamping products provide organisations with a source of trusted time for digital signing applications in which time is an important factor.


  • Implementing secure digital signing with high availability solutions appropriate for your most critical processes
  • Acceleration of deployment of our products and solutions through ready integration with commercial solutions from leading vendors
  • Securing the root of trust with the most trusted and highly certified Thales HSMs

Required Products:

  • General Purpose HSMs



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