IoT/Device Credentialing

Even though IoT has opened up new growth opportunities for businesses, it has raised security concerns that come with connected devices which can be remotely attacked and used inappropriately or maliciously. Thales e-Security works with IoT device manufacturers to incorporate strong authentication into connected devices to ensure trustworthiness.


  • To protect online devices from cybercriminals who try to find entry points to network systems for breach and misuse
  • To issue bug fixes and other updates with minimal downtime to ensure positive customer experience
  • To minimise unsecured manufacturing processes that provide cybercriminals with opportunities to change production runs to introduce unauthorised code or produce additional units


  • Device Authentication: Strong device authentication is required to ensure the trustworthiness of connected devices. Thales e-Security helps manufacturers generate a unique device identity that can be authenticated when a device tries to connect to a gateway or central server. With this unique ID in place, you can track every device throughout its lifecycle, communicate securely with it and prevent it from executing harmful processes.
  • Code Signing: To ensure the integrity of software and firmware updates, and safeguard against the risks associated with code tampering, the code must be signed using a strong methodology. Thales e-Security has immense expertise with code signing best practices, including securing signing keys using tamper-resistant hardware security modules.
  • Secure Manufacturing: Using Thales nShield HSMs and supporting security software manufacturers can control the number of units built and the code incorporated into each.


  • Allowing only authorised activity on your enterprise networks, providing better defence against attacks on data stores
  • Reducing the time and costs associated with in-person updates
  • Mitigating the brand and financial damage by preventing unauthorised manufacturing

Required Products:

  • General Purpose HSMs



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