Strong Authentication

Even though simple passwords are still used for many applications, the expanding use of web-based technology has driven the stakes higher, giving rise to more sophisticated and complex threats, leading to stricter regulations. For these reasons, more organisations are implementing strong authentication solutions that go beyond passwords.


  • To meet industry-specific mandates and authentication schemes
  • To support emerging multi-factor authentication technologies
  • To maintain a consistent security posture across the authentication infrastructure
  • To make authentication manageable


  • Strong Authentication: Add nShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to your current authentication processes to create high-assurance systems to authenticate users paying for products and services through websites and mobile devices, employees using internal systems and a variety of connected devices accessing the network.


  • Easy strengthening of different types of commercial authentication solutions with pre-tested integration using nShield HSMs
  • Hardened proprietary authentication processes to safeguard intellectual property and protect against malicious attacks
  • Consolidation and centralisation of different types of authentications into a single, flexible platform
  • Adopting a cross-token or multi-vendor approach to authentication, avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling technology migration without requiring the churn of back-end authentication systems

Required Products:

  • General Purpose HSMs 


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