Time Stamping

Time stamping complements a digital signing by enabling organisations to record when a digital entry is signed. For some applications, the timing of a digital signature is critical, as in the case of stock trades, lottery ticket issuance and some legal proceedings. Time stamping is helpful for record keeping and audit processes because it provides a mechanism to prove whether the digital certificate was valid at the time it was used.


  • To overcome the inability to trust electronic processes, which can result in costly paper trails to back up electronic records
  • To resist manipulation of computer clocks; this could allow attackers to compromise a software-based time stamping process, thereby invalidating the overall signing process
  • To surpass the issue of usage after revocation of private signing keys and certificates; without time stamping, organisations cannot prove whether signatures were created before or after a certificate was revoked, resulting in misuse


  • Time Stamping: With the help of Blue Star Engineering & Electronics' Time Stamping solutions, organisations can ensure the trustworthiness of a wide range of electronic processes. Time stamp servers can be configured to sign electronic documents with an auditable time stamp based on a trusted source of time that is synchronised to a highly accurate reference clock.


  • Enhancing integrity of critical business processes with trusted time stamps
  • Minimising the need for costly, inefficient paper-based processes
  • Reduction of disputes and easier resolutions
  • Increasing value of investment in digital signing solutions
  • Creation of a tamper-proof record of transactions
  • Streamlining auditing and compliance

Required Products:

  • General Purpose HSMs


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