Application-Level Encryption

Application-Level Encryption can be policy-based and tailored to suit particular data protection mandates such as PCI DSS. Security can be tightly controlled, with dual controls and other layers of procedural protection that support compliance reporting obligations.


  • To secure keys from attackers who use advanced tools to gain access
  • To negate the hassle of implementing complex cryptographic algorithms which may introduce unnecessary security flaws
  • To avoid improper management of keys resulting in security flaws


  • Delivering Data Protection: With the adaptability to handle the complete spectrum of applications from those that are fully automated and high-volume to those that are tightly controlled and low-volume, but nevertheless highly sensitive, our application encryption solutions deliver data protection and operational efficiency.
  • Trusted Platform for Cryptographic Processing: nShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) create a trusted platform where cryptographic processes can be performed safely, and where key material can be safeguarded and managed securely. This trusted layer overcomes the risks existing in the open system software environments in which applications typically run.
  • Enabling Control and Agility: With nShield HSMs, developers and organisations are offered the capacity to take advantage of proven and pre-certified cryptographic libraries, utilise native cryptographic offload and acceleration capabilities as well as a broad range of key management tools to deliver a high level of control and flexibility.


  • Gaining high levels of assurance through tamper-resistant hardware and protection of higher-level application processes through code-safe feature
  • Achievement of operational flexibility to secure applications by mapping various policies and processes through hardened data protection platform
  • Achievement of higher performance by taking advantage of hardware-based cryptography

Required Products:

  • General Purpose HSMs


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