Container Security

Application developers continue to increase their use of software containers due to their flexibility and reduced infrastructure costs. Nevertheless, security remains a concern. Vormetric Transparent Encryption extends security to containers with data encryption, access controls and audit logging.


  • To ensure protection of sensitive data stored within containers and accessed from containers
  • To prevent¬†unauthorised access to sensitive data in containers
  • To comply with data privacy and security mandates within the container environment


  • Data Encryption in Software Containers: Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE) provides policy-based encryption of data stored within containers and accessed from containers. As an extension of VTE, the solution requires no modifications to your containers or applications.
  • Access Controls to Safeguard Containers and Data: Vormetric Transparent Encryption offers container-specific granular access controls for users, processes and resource sets, along with privileged user access controls. This helps protect against unauthorised access to data inside containers and prevents administrators with root access and other privileged users from accessing data they are not specifically authorised for.
  • Audit Logs: Compliance and IT security audits need an audit trail to gauge the effectiveness of security controls. The Vormetric Transparent Encryption extension for containers provides container-level data access audit logs to offer insights into data access attempts.


  • Enjoying robust data protection with powerful policy-based encryption
  • Safe leveraging of containers and the cloud
  • Enhanced compliance solutions

Required Products:

  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption


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