Database Security

The Vormetric Database Security platform enables you to encrypt and protect sensitive data in databases, while avoiding the challenges traditionally associated with database encryption.

This solution can help protect your growing database environment from both internal and external threats, on premises or on the cloud, for any databases you run.


  • To resolve performance issues arising from poorly designed or inefficient database encryption tools, affecting end users and applications that rely on real-time access to data
  • To address insufficient security controls of database encryption tools that neglect insider abuse and advanced persistent threats, allowing attackers time needed to find and expose vulnerabilities
  • To allow for database expansion, giving rise to complex and time-consuming key management


  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption: Vormetric Transparent Encryption enables you to employ strong database encryption with minimal effort and performance implications. With Vormetric Transparent Encryption, you can protect sensitive data in databases across your organisation, whether you're running Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, NoSQL environments or any combination thereof.
  • Vormetric Application Encryption: Vormetric Application Encryption is ideal for organisations in need of more granular encryption, including at the column or field level within databases. Vormetric Application Encryption simplifies the integration of encryption into existing corporate applications and features standards-based APIs, which are used to perform cryptographic and key management operations. Users can choose between standards-based AES encryption and scheme maintaining format preserving encryption (FPE).
  • Thales nShield HSM Key Protection: For environments that require higher levels of security, nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) deliver FIPS-certified protection for your database keys. With three different form factors, nShield HSMs serve environments ranging from desktop databases and single-server databases¬†to database applications distributed across a network.


  • Achieving a highly scalable, high-performance database encryption solution
  • Implementation of database encryption without changes to your applications, infrastructure or business practices, easily extend application-layer encryption across virtual, cloud, big data and traditional environments
  • Getting vital insights to track and demonstrate compliance with mandates such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX, etc

Required Products:

  • General Purpose HSMs
  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption
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