SSL/TLS Encryption

Blue Star E&E offers products and services deployment of high assurance, high-performance SSL/TLS encryption to safeguard business and customer data while delivering the efficiency needed for critical web applications.


  • To protect SSL/TLS master keys on which the security of SSL/TLS deployments depend
  • To secure the entire SSL/TLS software stack for maximum protection of applications


  • Thales nShield HSMs: nShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) deliver FIPS-certified protection for your SSL/TLS master keys for applications that need higher levels of security. Blue Star E&E's nShield HSMs protect and manage a large number of critical SSL/TLS within a dedicated, hardened device, ensuring that keys are never exposed to unauthorised entities.


  • Easy deployment, providing independently certified security for high-assurance centralised SSL/TLS key management
  • Embedded and stand-alone form factors and performance ratings to suit various deployment scenarios, including virtual environments
  • Robust FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified platform to enforce key management policies and facilitate compliance auditing
  • High performance, availability, scalability and trust for today's application infrastructures

Required Products:

  • General Purpose HSMs


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