Storage-Level Encryption

Storage-level encryption assures users that even if storage media is lost or stolen, the data remains protected. Storage-level encryption is beneficial whether the data in question is covered under privacy laws or other industry mandates such as PCI DSS.


  • To protect the keys responsible for the confidentiality of encrypted sensitive data
  • To manage efficiently the keys throughout their life cycle across storage systems from multiple vendors


  • Delivering Data Protection: keyAuthority streamlines routine key management operations and auditing tasks, minimising operational costs, complexity and risk of human error.
  • Creating a Trusted Platform for Cryptographic Processing: Blue Star Engineering & Electronics' encryption products and services give you the ability to deploy high assurance storage-level encryption solutions with confidence, adding effective centralised key management to the encryption capabilities present in modern storage devices.
  • Control and Agility: With the company's keyAuthority, organisations have control of their storage encryption keys, safeguard against theft or misuse and most importantly, rest assured that archived keys will always be available.


  • Effective safeguarding and automation of the management of storage encryption keys across their life-cycle
  • Simplification of compliance reporting obligations and forensic requests through advanced and secure auditing capabilities
  • Achievement of high availability and scalability through real-time replication and capacity that scales to millions of keys and thousands of storage devices


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