Tokenisation is a very effective data security method designed to protect sensitive data from undesired entities. The tokenisation process helps to minimise the scope of compliance audits because customer credit card numbers, for example, are exchanged for tokens as soon as they are captured at a Point Of Sale terminal, after which that data is no longer in the scope of compliance as the data no longer contains actual credit card numbers. With credit card tokenisation, data remains in tokenised form by default, so any system that cannot access the de-tokenisation service has the potential to be out of scope.


  • To protect the keys used for tokenising the sensitive data
  • To maintain data format for applications needing the tight protection of formatted data
  • To comply with regulatory guidelines while deploying tokenisation


  • Delivering Data Protection: The company's products and services offer effective, high assurance tokenisation solutions to secure customer data, minimise the scope of regulatory compliance and control costs. Since tokenisation systems are based on the use of cryptography, HSMs can protect token stores and the tokenisation process, maximising the performance of token generation.
  • Creating a Trusted platform for Cryptographic Processing: nShield HSMs offer a trusted environment where tokens can be generated, stored and managed, and tokenisation/de-tokenisation can be performed safely and securely.
  • Vormetric Vaultless Tokenisation with Dynamic Data Masking: This system tokenises sensitive data, such as primary account numbers, and removes them from the cardholder data environments that encompass the PCI DSS audit scope.
  • Enabling Fast Deployments and Seamless Integration: nShield HSMs can help you tokenise your account data using your own in-house developed software, third-party commercial tokenisation products or shared services. These devices are already certified to integrate with many leading tokenisation products, ensuring fast deployments and seamless integration with existing systems.


  • Deploying high assurance tokenisation solutions to protect account data and reduce compliance costs
  • Acceleration of deployments with nShield HSMs which are pre-qualified to integrate with products from leading vendors
  • Achievement of high performance and flexibility

Required Products:

  • Tokenisation and Data Masking



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