EMV and Payment Card Issuance

To increase security and expand the ways in which cards can be used, Mastercard and Visa jointly developed the EMV standard for chip-based payment cards. This effort makes it virtually impossible to extract information and create counterfeit cards, thus eliminating the greatest sources of fraud faced with traditional magnetic stripe cards.


  • To ensure that card issuing processes, whether performed internally or outsourced, are secure, flexible, and comply with industry mandates
  • To adapt to the more computationally intensive requirements for issuing EMV-based cards, credentials and applications
  • To develop processes that can scale to meet growing demand and handle the diversity of emerging payment vehicles


  • EMV and Payment Card Solutions: The solution combines proven products with deep expertise and experience in payment card and application issuance, payments-related regulations, and the full range of data protection challenges.¬†Blue Star Engineering & Electronics can help you make a smooth transition to EMV cards, expanding to EMV-based applications and adoption of other payment vehicles, while maintaining a high assurance infrastructure that is fully compliant with industry mandates and standards of due care.


  • Minimising deployment risk by leveraging¬†Blue Star E&E's market-leading products that comply with EMV standards
  • Quick deployment using proven and certified Thales products which readily integrate with major commercial card issuance, personalisation, and credential management vendors
  • Achieving flexibility and cost reduction by choosing desired performance levels and system requirements
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