Payment Processing

Payment processing is both strictly regulated and regularly evolving. Today, each purchase includes a complex, automated and highly integrated process involving not just merchants, but also banks, acquirers, payment processors and other players. The entire payments ecosystem today is just a part of the broader commercial landscape, playing an integral role in fraud management and data privacy as part of a comprehensive IT security framework that must span the Internet, mobile devices, social networks, and cloud services.


Payment processing organisations are under pressure to:

  • Exploit new technologies to simplify and enhance the user experience
  • Accommodate peer-to-peer payments as they expand the market beyond the world of retail
  • Tackle attacks of fraudsters attempting to intercept transactions
  • Leverage huge upcoming opportunities as the Indian economy transitions towards a cashless society
  • Adapt quickly to global anti-fraud initiatives such as EMV and 3D-Secure
  • Comply with broad and regularly evolving data privacy regulations


  • Payment Processing: Thales Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and related products have been specifically designed to meet and exceed industry standards and regulatory requirements for secure payments processing. Backed by Thales' expertise and leadership in the payments market and enriched by long-standing partnerships with leading payments processing vendors, these established products and services minimise your risk, reduce your costs and secure your payments infrastructure.


  • Satisfying compliance requirements and creating a high assurance, yet flexible and easily managed payments infrastructure
  • Effectively managing cryptographic keys and hardware modules across your payments infrastructure
  • Deployment of proven, certified, hardware-based security solutions available in a wide variety of performance options to fit your requirements
  • Expediting deployments since Thales products integrate instantly with leading payment processing applications
  • Leveraging extensive EMV support and deployment expertise
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