Point-to-Point Encryption

In Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), encryption is applied specifically within a business application; a retail point of sale (POS) terminal, in this scenario. Stringent controls for protection of and access to decryption keys must be in place. The present guidance requires the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) with an appropriate security rating to protect access to those keys.


  • To comply with PCI DSS guidelines in order to protect organisations from potential fines and damage to the business
  • To protect customer payment data at multiple nodes in the payment network from potential cybercriminals
  • To safeguard vulnerable keys stored in software from attacks
  • To meet mandates and compliance guidelines


  • Point-to-Point Encryption: Blue Star E&E's products and services help you not only comply with PCI DSS, but also implement P2PE to minimise the scope and cost of compliance. nShield and payShield HSMs are independently certified to the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Standard, as mandated by the P2PE guidelines. nShield and payShield HSMs provide a trustworthy environment in which key material can be securely generated, stored and managed.
  • Adaptable Systems: nShield and payShield HSMs solutions can be deployed whether you want to perform cryptographic operations using your in-house developed applications or third-party applications. These devices are already certified to integrate directly with products from leading application vendors and POS manufacturers.


  • Implementation of PCI DSS compliant Point-to-Point Encryption to secure payment data and minimise compliance costs
  • Quick deployment on projects using nShield and payShield HSMs as they can readily integrate with products from leading encryption vendors
  • Variety of form factors and performance capabilities
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