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Blue Star E&E offers a range of early assessment and monitoring solutions related to bone health. These are used to accurately diagnose and precisely monitor the progress of osteoporosis over an extended period of time.

The simplest way to do this is to use ultrasound to measure the speed of sound passing through the bones. The value addition to the clinician lies in the multi-site measurement feature, which helps to correlate results from different sites in the body as well as conducting specific assessments of each site.

Blue Star E&E delivers leading Bone Densitometers which work with advanced ultrasound technology, assisting physicians to provide early assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis. The company's Bone Densitometer has the following advantages:

  • Scanning at distal radius as well as mid-shaft tibia
  • Extremely compact, weighing just 1kg
  • Easy interface with any PC through USB port
  • FDA approved
  • Ideal unit to be used at bone density camps
  • Automatic system capture of patient details and measurement history, facilitating osteoporosis treatment monitoring

Bone Densitometers

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