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Disinfection System Disinfection System

Disinfection System

Inactivation of fungi, bacteria and viruses from surfaces and environments

COMVAT DUO3 is the new combined disinfection system for hospitals, clinics, health centers, residences and other sanitary spaces, that need to strengthen its disinfection and Covid-19 inactivation strategy.

  • The First and only Combined Solution of UVC + 03 (Ozone)
  • Intelligent Equipment allows the user to know the necessary dose
  • 3 Disinfection Modes for different level of contamination, viral load & time available
  • UVC Mode for disinfection in just 6-11 minutes
  • 360 Mode for disinfection of the most difficult spaces
  • Triple-layer of Security with smart sensors for user safety
  • Intuitive Software for easy handling & remote operation with tablet
  • Certifications including CE, ROHS, ISO, EPA, EN60204, EN61000
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