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Hitachi AIRIS Vento 0.3T Hitachi AIRIS Vento 0.3T

Hitachi AIRIS Vento 0.3T

The AIRIS Vento is the most advanced mid-field MRI, with all of the high-end features of Hitachi's well-proven AIRIS series. The award-winning open magnet maximises patient friendliness and comfort. Functions such as operability, image quality and cutting-edge imaging make for great MRI technology, and are under constant improvement at Hitachi.

With powerful gradients, the AIRIS Vento performs a virtually unlimited variety of advanced imaging, including those previously exclusively associated with high-field MRI systems. The user-friendly system enables smooth and efficient patient examinations. Even with high patient throughput, the AIRIS Vento's image quality is uncompromised.


  • 0.3T field strength with eddy current free magnet
  • Dual pillar design
  • Non-claustrophobic open gantry with 210 degrees open at the front and 70 degrees at the rear
  • Gradient field of 22mT/m and slew rate of 55T/m/s
  • Fully motorised patient table with lateral table movement
  • Complete range of applications, including MRA (PC & TOF), CE MRA, EPI/DWI, MRCP, Fat Saturation, etc
  • Very low power consumption of only 2.5kW


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