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Hitachi APERTO Lucent 0.4T

Hitachi APERTO Lucent 0.4T

APERTO Lucent is permanent magnet MRI system from Hitachi, with field strength of 0.4T. This elegant open-sided mid-field MRI gives high-field application clarity. By applying advanced technologies, the APERTO Lucent enables accurate diagnosis and provides excellent image quality. 

Prime yet compact, this is one of the fascinating features of the APERTO Lucent. With its single-pillar design, this MRI system uses open space ergonomics to offer extraordinary comfort to the patient while also making examinations effortless.

APERTO Lucent is known as an easy to use MRI, for every step of the diagnostic process. The configuration is such that running costs can be reduced and so can total cost of ownership.


  • 0.4T field strength with eddy current free magnet
  • Single-pillar design
  • Fully non-claustrophobic open gantry, inclined at 320 degrees
  • Gradient field of 25mT/m and slew rate of 55T/m/s
  • Super shim technology for spectral fat saturation (optional)
  • Fully motorised patient table with lateral table movement
  • Complete range of all applications, including MRA (PC & TOF), CE MRA, EPI/DWI, MRCP, Fat Saturation, etc
  • Extremely low power consumption of only 2.5kW



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