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Prostate Biopsy Robotic System Prostate Biopsy Robotic System

Prostate Biopsy Robotic System

Improved Robotic-assisted MRI-guided Biopsies (MRgBx) of the Prostate

Remote Controlled Manipulator (RCM), a robot for MR-guided interventions - based on a novel & patented motor principle, allows fast, accurate and cost-effective biopsies and reliable interventions within the MRI bore. RCM is enabling the Physician to perform a targeted prostate biopsy – using the best possible imaging modality with the same image quality for diagnostic imaging and biopsy guidance – to further improve prostate cancer diagnosis. Decreasing the procedure time results in bore patient comfort and less patient motion – which in return improves the biopsy results.

Dedicated planning software contains a semi-automatic detection of the contrast filled needle guide and allows for optimized positioning and rotation point adjustment of this guide, resulting in easy and simple planning of your target for prostate biopsies and interventions with direct visualization. The main objectives are to improve accuracy, duration and reliability of existing procedures.

Some of the Key Features of RCM:

  • Large Biopsy Range (Including Smaller Lesions)
  • Short Procedure Time (< 30 minute)
  • High Patient Comfort (Small Size of Guide)
  • Direct Biopsy Method (Direct Visualization of Needle Trajectory)
  • Quick Confirmation of Biopsy Location (Intuitive Software System)

The Best Possible Therapy Decisions:

The RCM helps to make the best possible therapy decision - for the treating medical professional, as well as for the patient – by supporting the detection of the true aggressiveness and the true extent of the disease. Only multi-parametric MRI is currently able to detect and target the most aggressive part of the lesions and therefore improved and accurate MRgBx will help in advanced diagnostic results, followed by the best possible treatment for the patient.


The RCM system has received CE Certification as well as FDA registration, and is currently installed in Europe (The Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway and Italy), and different parts of the world.

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