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Hitachi ECLOS 4/8/16 Slice

Hitachi ECLOS 4/8/16 Slice

Hitachi's ECLOS series of CT Scanners are designed to deliver excellent image quality with cost-effective operation. This CT Scanner offers a high degree of flexibility, which can serve the needs of most users. The ECLOS series is a very reliable, patient-friendly system that has been designed to suit user requirements.

This system is efficient in every sense of the word, as ECLOS requires less space and less power than others in the sector. This cross-sectional imaging device uses advanced filter technology for low-dose imaging and is easy to operate. The Hitachi ECLOS CT Automatic Positioning System is designed to achieve smooth and effective workflow with shorter scanning time. In order to deliver the lowest possible total ownership cost, the ECLOS series delivers superior computed tomography with excellent image quality and dose efficiency. In addition, maintenance has never been simpler as Blue Star E&E's renowned customer support is at your service.


  • Dose reduction protocols
  • Automatic patient positioning (head mode and body mode)
  • Breath demo light for patient preparation
  • Touch panel interface for smoother workflow
  • Integrated image viewing station
  • Maximum care for patient and clinician
  • 4/8/16 Slices
  • Low scan time of only 0.8 seconds
  • Gantry aperture of 70cm
  • Sub-second, real-time image reconstruction


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