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Hitachi AIRIS II 0.3T

Hitachi AIRIS II 0.3T

The permanent magnet MRI System of the AIRIS II offers consistent high image quality and impressive technical features. This MRI system has established Hitachi's reputation as the leader in open MR. It is equipped with a workhorse low maintenance permanent magnet, providing consistent image quality and broad capabilities. Excellent performance results from optimised sub-systems like the efficient gradient, the multi-tasking workstation and a digital multiple array capable RF system. The innovative gantry design and wide patient table help deliver a high level of patient comfort.

AIRIS II has continued to maintain its cost-effective performance and established itself as a highly sought-after MRI system in the market for refurbished MRI systems.


  • 0.3T field strength with eddy current free magnet
  • Dual pillar design
  • Non-claustrophobic open gantry with 210 degrees open at the front and 70 degrees at the rear
  • Gradient field of 15mT/m and slew rate of 30 T/m/s
  • Fully motorised patient table
  • Complete range of all applications, including MRA (PC & TOF), CE MRA, EPI/DWI, MRCP, etc
  • Extremely low power consumption of 3kW


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