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Hitachi AIRIS Mate 0.2T

Hitachi AIRIS Mate 0.2T

Hitachi AIRIS Mate is a compact high-performance MRI system with a permanent magnet of 0.2 Tesla. AIRIS Mate is the top-performing whole-body MRI system, incorporating a permanent magnet which can accommodate all types of sequences, both routine and special. This is the lightest in the industry. This performance, coupled with Hitachi's unique gantry design and large vertical opening, provides improved patient comfort and expanded clinical utility to open MR.

AIRIS Mate is the best choice for small clinics, as it maintains a perfect balance between image quality and value for money.


  • 0.2T field strength with eddy current free magnet
  • Dual pillar design
  • Non-claustrophobic open gantry with 230 degrees open at the front and 70 degrees at the rear
  • Gradient field of 15mT/m and slew rate of 30 T/m/s
  • Complete range of all applications, including MRA (PC & TOF), CE MRA, EPI/DWI, MRCP, etc
  • Very low power consumption of only 3kW


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