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Supercon MRI 1.5T

Supercon MRI 1.5T

Blue Star E&E offers a pre-owned and refurbished Supercon MRI system of a leading European brand, balancing user-friendliness with cutting-edge applications, in order to accelerate imaging performance, striking a perfect balance between power consumption and performance.

The MRI system performs whole body imaging, equipped to deliver across a comprehensive range of applications with less acoustic noise. This system offers attractive value for money and also offers extremely low total cost of ownership.

Multiple options like zero helium boil-off are also offered, depending on stock available.


  • 1.5T superconducting system
  • Strong gradients for high resolution
  • Faster examination
  • Easier diagnosis
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Great image quality
  • Application range covering almost all standard and advanced applications



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