Business Overview


Industrial Products is one of the unique line of business of Blue Star Engineering and Electronics Limited. This line deals with a range of advanced industrial products such as filters, valves, analyzers, to name a few.

Following the philosophy of providing world class customer experience, we strive hard to reach the satisfaction level of customer which helps in building long-term customer relationships. Blue Star Engineering and Electronics Limited has placed itself as a value added reseller with continuous supply of high quality products with successful installation and maintenance for more than three decades. The value enhancement lies in the requirement analysis, selection of best available model in possible options, supply of high-performance imaging equipment, proper installation & commissioning and service support.

Core Capabilities

  • Alliances with world-class manufactured products/principals
  • A focused approach in a knowledge-based market
  • Unparalleled product, application and market knowledge
  • Superior project coordination and execution capabilities
  • Nationwide network and prompt response
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