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HCSD Pumps

HCSD Pumps

Geho Positive Displacement Slurry Pumps (Piston Diaphragm Pumps)

Geho Pumps have been produced at Venlo, The Netherlands, since 1929. They transport highly abrasive minerals, slurries and tailings. These contain high solids concentration which cater to the mining industry, mineral processing, pipeline transportation, power industry and tailings disposal.

Geho Pumps' in-house Research & Development and basic system designing capabilities offer state-of-the-art pumping systems for economical, reliable and environmental-friendly operations.

Geho Pumps have rich references worldwide. In India, backed by the after-market services of Blue Star E&E, Geho Pumps offer service in the power industry, iron ore pipeline transportation, bauxite slurry digester feed and red mud disposal in the alumina industry.

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