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Pipeline Intrusion Detection System

Pipeline Intrusion Detection System

Blue Star E&E offers one of the most extensive early warning pipeline intrusion detection systems, which detects Third Party Interference (TPI), illegal tapping attempts and unauthorised excavation along buried pipelines; from a few to thousands of kilometres. Using Optical Fibre Cable (OFC), that runs along the pipeline, the system is able to detect, locate and even identify any intrusion attempt accurately along the entire monitored length in real-time. This system works on the principle of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), where acoustic signals generated by intrusion activities are picked up by the optical probe as pulses and sent down the OFC.

This system has its monitoring unit placed in the control room and requires no installation in the field besides the existing OFC. This enables a high rate of intrusion detection and also minimises nuisance alarms using advanced signature analysis. Each type of intrusion has a distinct “acoustic signature” by which it can be uniquely identified and categorised into walking, manual digging, excavation, mechanical digging, vehicle movement and so on. Uniform distributed fibre optic sensor results in maximum efficiency and higher safety for the pipeline. The Blue Star E&E pipeline intrusion detection system is designed for high risk pipelines, crude oil pipelines, refined product lines such as gasoline, aviation fuel, chemicals, gas pipelines, underground power and drinking water to name a few.

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