Infra Security Solutions
Video surveillance is an effective way to detect security breaches in any specific area of risk. The main focus of Blue Star E&E's state of art CCTV solutions is to address customer needs in any environment. These tailor made solutions offer unique technological strengths for wired, wireless and hybrid (wired + wireless) systems and work reliably even with limited bandwidth. Blue Star E&E's solutions are designed with high-definition cameras which work reliably both in day and night-time. By virtue of the high-sensitivity megapixel image sensors, these surveillance solutions create crisp images even in dim or strong lighting directed at the lens. Blue Star E&E's CCTV solutions effortlessly pinpoint security breaches, provide valuable information to enhance operational efficiency and offer strong analysis capabilities. With solutions that meet the most demanding and sophisticated requirements, the company offers comprehensive solutions for different needs with a complete line of products like cameras, recorders, storage, encoders, decoders, monitors and so on.

Video Surveillance

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