Coordinate Measuring Machine

Horizontal Arm CMM Horizontal Arm CMM

Horizontal Arm CMM

LK Metrology’s range of horizontal arm CMMs provides unequalled performance in speed, accuracy and repeatability. Ceramic guideways and air bearings used in the construction of LK H CMMs offer stability at high velocity and acceleration. LK Horizontal Arm CMMs provide unique access to the measuring envelope and can be supplied as subfloor or floor level installations, or as a part of fully-automated measurement cells.

Key Benefits

  • High velocities/acceleration for low cycle time
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Flexible multi-sensor platform: touch probes, analogue scanning, laser scanning


  • Automotive full body and panels inspection
  • Inspection of large parts such as mold tools, housings, castings, etc.
  • Integrated in-line inspection
  • Touch trigger and non-contact inspection
  • Digitising, scanning and reverse engineering
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