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Acoustic Emission

Acoustic Emission

Blue Star E&E offers state-of-the-art acoustic emission system Vallen AMSY-6, which covers the entire AE measurement chain.

Technical systems, such as pressure vessels, piping systems and petrochemical reactors, are exposed to heavy stresses and require regular inspections. For those responsible for the safety of such structures Acoustic Emission (AE) testing can be of great value. AE testing detects beginning damage in stressed components, thus contributing to safe operation and avoiding costly downtimes. AE testing also off ers large benefi ts for material, geological, medical and botanical research, detection and location of partial discharges in large transformers, leak and corrosion inspection of storage tanks, etc. It is also increasingly applied for tests and inspections in civil engineering (e.g. bridges) and in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Highly sensitive AE sensors detect stress waves on the surface of a test object. These waves originate from crack growth, for example, and propagate through the test object. The sensors’ signals are analyzed, so that damage to the test object can be detected and located.

The Vallen AMSY-6 system covers the entire AE measurement chain. Using modular components customized and expandable systems are confi gured, comprising sensors, preamplifi ers, signal processors, system chassis, PC interface and software. Vallen off ers all of this from a single source - products developed in Germany, a perfect match, in a very wide range of models and with extensive functionality.


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