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Blue Star E&E supplies a wide range of weld inspection scanners to address fabrication or maintenance needs. Solutions for anything from small pipes to flat plates are offered, with the ability to hold multiple probes for complete weld volume coverage. Irrespective of whether the scanners are motorised or manual, they perform with the highest level of versatility, dependability and repeatability. 


WeldROVER from Olympus is a simple, industrial-strength, one-axis encoded motorised scanner that offers fully automated data acquisition. It is designed for providing more stable inspections than that of a manual scanner. It is highly suitable for performing phased array weld inspections on ferromagnetic piping or vessel girth welds. It can be configured with up to six probes for phased array, TOFD and conventional UT inspection.


Mini-Wheel encoder is specially used for positioning and dimensioning of defects in the scan axis. It is capable of synchronising data acquisition with the probe's movement. It is waterproof in order to operate in challenging environments. It is compatible with the Olympus standard PA wedges on which it can be mounted with the help of an included bracket kit. This encoder is made of stainless steel and features sealed bearings for long lasting operation.


COBRA manual scanner, along with the OmniScan PA flaw detector is used for circumferential weld inspection on small-diameter pipes. The COBRA can hold up to two PA probes for inspection of pipes whose outside diameters range from 0.84in to 4.5in. With its extremely thin shape, this manual scanner is able to inspect pipes in limited access areas.


HST-Lite scanner is the perfect device for cost-effective and one-channel TOFD inspections with supreme signal quality. Magnetic wheels along with spring-loaded probe holders offer adequate stability needed for performing high quality, one-line inspections. It is possible to operate the scanner with one hand and to attach it to ferromagnetic surfaces even in an upside-down position. It can be used on flat surfaces and around the circumference of pipes with outside diameters are as small as 4.5in (114.3mm). 


HST-X04 by Olympus is a time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) manual scanner, which offers an efficient, low-cost and versatile weld inspection solution. This manually deployed single-axis scanner is used on pipe, pressure vessels, storage tanks and structural components. It has the ability to operate in any orientation - on flat surfaces or on pipes which have up to 2in (51mmoutside diameter. 


As the name suggests, HSMT-Compact is a light, small and versatile, manual one-axis encoded scanner. It can be used with up to four probes on plates and for circumferential scans on pipes as small as 4in schedule (4.5in OD). The frame can be extended outside the limit of the wheels by changing the length of the scanner, providing a configuration that is well suited for hard-to-reach places.


HSMT-Flex is designed for one axis encoded inspection of circumference welds on pipes of 4.5in (114.3mm) OD or more. The scanner comes with four probe holders but is capable of accommodating a total of eight probes with optional probe holders. For most efficient inspections, the mounted probes can be either phased array or conventional UT. The unique feature of the scanner is its ability to bend in the centre, allowing the scanner to fit on smaller pipes.

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